Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The new era of men footwear

Lately we have seen fashion been flooded with something that hasn't been given such relevance since a long time. I'm talking about the footwear, specificly the men shoes.

Men footwear market has been growing and inovating the past years and it has then created a clear challenge to the brands in which garments have always been their core product. This has developed the need of a redesigned structure into the brands with a new strategy and approach to the market. Also consumers have been aware of this rebirth concept on shoes and have now different needs and priorities in terms of trends as well as gained new approaches towards the market.
Fashion brands felt this opportunity and began exploring and sourcing for new markets to produce their goods. As we can see from recent market analyses, Portugal has been clearly on of the best suppliers of shoes in a high-fashion range. The websites Portugal Shoes and Portuguese Shoes present itself and how Portugal is now becoming a mature market and a synonim of quality and trust.

After a brief introduction it is now important to show what is being made and the trends hitting the streets. It has never been given so much enphasis to men shoes on speciallized fashion media than today. Brought back by Prada, the Brogues are the most trendy these days. Highly coloured, with high soles, coloured laces... there's plenty of choice! And yes...wear them with constract socks!

The Brogues:

The Sporty Brogues (by PRADA)

The Brogue Boots

 The also classic Boat Shoes

Full of colour

The Palladium Boots