Friday, 15 January 2010


Hey I'm back.

About two months after the first post, I finally realized the future to give to the blog. Before leaving home running out to streets with a camera I prefered starting by giving "those tips" that can simply range from a just a color, a detail, a trend, a concept, an haircut.
Scott Schuman in his book says that he rarely shoots looks where he loves all the elements. The truth is that, every shoot has to have just one or two elements meaning something and give it some sort of special.

Each post will have an indication at the bottom of the blog where you can find the photos and give the "hunters" all the credits, since the work is all theirs!

Welcome back Looks & Tips!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome blog mate! altought i dont know if is u who took the pictures or they are internet pictures and under wich argument do u recomend this looks or it would be really cool if u do some kind of review, getting trough some history or color theory.

    awesome work!