Friday, 5 February 2010

Shoes no.1 - Suede Shoes


Back again! Im going to introduce you the first of 3 posts about shoes.
The first one is gonna be about suede shoes, very trendy this year as many of you should already have seen. It goes well most of the times with some slim or skinny jeans/pants.
The second post will be about the reborn Dr. Martens. The German brand especially popular among skinheads, punks and grungers is definitely back.
The last post is about sneakers, I'll try to show you not just the best ones but also the best outfits.

Hope you enjoy it!

Vanessa Jackman

The Sartorialist

Disco Fun Bath

The Sartorialist

Copenhagen Street Style

Copenhagen Street Style

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  1. Nice tips.. curiously didn't know that girls were included in these type of shoes, honest to say, i thought that they might give us a tomboy look! But with the right attitude and girly feel all blends in very nicely. Once again tips and looks have given us a different view on things to wear. Keep them coming.. SM