Thursday, 17 June 2010

Men Leggings: hate it or love it ?

One of the forecasted trends for next season’s menswear is Man-leggings under shorts. Cargo, denim even micro-suit shorts. It seems the skinny jean has been given the boot and replaced by a whole new level of skinniness. Besides liking this look or not one this is true: it’s simple, easy, and practical. Well, I have my doubts concerning the stenght of this trend to become.. trendy, but we're talking about fashion and once we've seen men's with skirts since Gaultier has created them we just got to believe anything is possible. Once thing I'm sure, this man-leggings should only be used for a really tall and very slim guy as I think it’s a trend only to be donned by the long legged.

I know, this trend has been ridiculed more often than George Bush but I just want you to notice that for the better or worse we're talking about a real trend that is smoothly arriving on the catwalks, and the Menswear shows in Paris and Milan are just about to begin this week.

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