Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Browline Sunglasses

Browline glasses might be the most seen sunglasses on the streets this summer. 
They've become very popular in America having made up almost half of all the eyeglasses sold during the 1950s. This glasses were invented in 1947 by Jack Rohrbach, then vice-president of Shuron Ltd., an eyeglass company. As of 2010, Shuron is still producing these frames, and is one of the few companies doing so.

Original Shuron Ltd. Sunglasses

Their name derives from the fact that the bold upper part of the frames, frame the lenses in the same way that eyebrows frame the eyes.

How the VIP's look...

As well as the street style...


Style Clicker

Style Scout

Style Scout

Easy Fashion

Now it's just a matter of choice...


  1. Your brother's look

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