Sunday, 22 August 2010

Autumn Essential: Neckerchief

A stylish way of protecting your neck from the autumn wind

This type of neckwear has been brought back to men’s wardrobe due to the recently reborn navy trend and it has been seen in quite a few blogs and websites we all follow everyday.
I can still remember last time I’ve wore a neckchief it was in the mid 90’s and I have used alongside with a checked shirt and a t-shirt under it – I was around 15’. Well…since then, things haven’t really changed that much.

Wear it with…
A neckchief can be used whether there is casual or a more formal occasion. If you’re able to wear a more relaxed outfit then combine it with a trendy checked shirt or a just loose scoop neck t-shirt. 
Moreover, to perfectly match it with a smart classic look, wear it under the collar of a contrasted colour shirt with a casual blazer over it or a knit coat. I believe will make all the difference and will give the outfit a unique touch of style in less time than as required to tie a necktie.

Wearing of neckerchiefs:
The way of wearing a neckchiefs will depend on two things: first is a matter of style or attitude and then a matter of lifestyle or job type.
This means that they can be worn on 2 ways: with the knot turned towards the front or the back.
One way of wearing them is to fasten it on your back neck leaving the triangle side on the front. With this look you might achieve a more adventurous and wild outfit, reminiscing Pharrell Williams as an example of a more loosed and relax fit.  The appeal of using the neckerchief just as a casual accessory is the freedom it offers because you don’t have to really care about how it stands on your neck thus the rough look is the look wanted.
If you want to take it more serious and give it a more formal and classic look then wear it leaving the ends and knot towards to the front, just like the streetstyle pictures below/above. To make it more casual without changing too much try to unbutton your shirt by one or two buttons from the top.

My opinion is due to my personal style and I confess these days I’m feeling more into a smart look and tight/slim fit and being so I think the second choice would go better with some back darted shirts or chinos.

For more inspiration take a quick look on the pictures I’ve attached because sometimes it’s easier to see it yourself. Most important is: do it your way and wear it the way you feel it fits better on you.

Versatile and stylish, the neckerchief is definitely one of the autumn essentials. Get on board!

The Sartorialist

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