Friday, 19 November 2010

Autum/Winter 2010 Accessories Guide – The Winter Hat

The men’s hat is one of the most stylish accessories ever as feel it never goes out of style. It might change a little bit on shape or material from season to season depending on some running trend but it’s always kept as a classic and definitely and added value to your outfit.
A hat should always be an essential in any fashion’s fascinated men’s wardrobe.
If we move back in the past the figure of a man with a hat was always a synonym of social status and sometimes even a sign of an eclectic and sophisticated style as the icons I’m presenting just below.

I’ve become a big fan of hats these last seasons, first the winter hats easy to find around in any second hand shops and lately the trilby hat that has been quite popular last summer.
For this season the hat has not been taking in consideration as a must-have on the most flashed runways but they’re always an accessory to take in consideration for either winter or summer. However I’ve managed to find some trendy hats on the following shows for this AW10.

 I find hats very useful in winter when It concerns of keeping you warm, protecting yourself from the wind, the cold or even the rain (who doesn’t remember the unforgettable performance of Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain”).

On the pictures below I’m showing some streetstyle examples of how to wear and combine it depending on the occasion and obviously on your attitude towards fashion and style.

 The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

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