Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Friends got style!

What a strange idea huh?
Yes, why not to give a break in all streetstyle looks across the world and for once in life show my friends as also great inspirations and examples of style? That is exactly what I'm presenting below through these pictures full of sense of style and attitude that could be part of any blog which I usually take as my inspiration. I've got to confess that it's a bit weird to look at them here on the blog, but in the end I think it was a nice surprise, maybe even a success!... 
I'm already thinking about the next "targets"...
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Catarina Lages

Isabel Tristão

Filipa Alves

António Fonseca

Teresa Paupério

Christian Risom

Linda Lundin

Ruben Rua

Luisa Skane

Matilde João Silva

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